Spend a time of luxury surrounded by four seasons of Karuizawa

A restaurant that takes on the spirit of the resort town of Karuizawa
and offers an enjoyable atmosphere that is elegant yet casual.
The courtyard, which reflects the colors of the four seasons, features a pond surrounded by velvety moss.
At the restaurant overlooking the pond, listen to the birds chirp in the spring
and gaze at the glow of the fireflies in the summer as they flutter, dancing at night.
We also recommend the terrace seating, where Karuizawa's refreshing breeze sweeps through.

☆A five minute-walk from Pyrenees, a sister restaurant
This restaurant features Cave de Primavera, a wine cellar that can hold approximately 7,000 wine bottles.
Please see here for details.

Our Specialite

Lunch Menu

⑴ Saison 3,900(JPY)  With tax:4,290(JPY)
Appetizer, fish or meat, dessert, and coffee.

⑵ Primavera 7,800(JPY)  With tax:8,580(JPY)
Appetizer, fish, meat, dessert, and coffee.

⑶ Menu Special
10,000(JPY) Course With tax:11,000(JPY)
Enjoy the chef's recommended seasonal fare in a full-course style...

A 10% service fee is charged to the above prices.
An extra charge may be applied to certain items.

Dinner Menu

⑴ Primavera 9,800(JPY)  With tax:10,780(JPY)
Amuse, appetizer, fish, palate freshener, meat, dessert, and coffee.

⑵ Menu Degustation 18,000(JPY)  With tax:19,800(JPY)
Enjoy the chef's recommended seasonal fare in a full-course style...

A 10% service fee is charged to the above prices.
An extra charge may be applied to certain items.


Main Dish

Traditional French that Brinos Karuizawa's Four Seasons
and Blessings to Your Five Senses

With exquisite technique, Onuma, the owner chef, uses authentic ingredients and prepares each plate with passion and love.

In particular, Onuma pays every attention to the selection of the ingredients. They include aperitif made from schizandrae fructus and organic mushrooms picked at the foot of Mount Asama, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs grown in our own farms,
rare pork Chiyogenton, raised without antibiotics at the Okamoto Hog Farm in Iida City, Nagano, and seafood from Toyama, the Inakujira Port in Sado, and Katsuura in the Boso Peninsula.

In the winter, Karuizawa is the place to enjoy gibier such as deer and boar brought from the local hunters.
Enjoy flavorful, traditional French cuisine to your heart's content.



Boasting over 7,000 bottles of wine, choose your very favorite
in our wine cellar–virtually a jewellery box.

Mozart is played in our wine cellar,in which temperature and humidity are controlled completely.
When overnight guests arrive at Primavera, and before the guests enjoy their dinner at Pyrénées, a sommelier will select a bottle just for you.
Please ask the staff for wine choices based on the year of birthdays and anniversaries.



The very best seasonal food cooked in the cheminee

The Pyrénées mountains, located in the southwestern region of France,
is a gastronomical storehouse. A tradition of simple yet heartwarming cuisine has been passed on.
Villages quietly stand as if protecting the Romanesque churches built with cut rocks and thick lumber.
Encountering an anonymous restaurant there and seeing a block of baby pork that was being slowly roasted in a large fireplace, we discovered the origins of a cuisine long forgotten, characterized by simplicity.

  • 姉妹店Pyrenees