The light seasonal ingredients,
while being wrapped in the soft light of Karuizawa,
slowly fills the emotions and heals the body.
A comfortable space that feels Esprit of France.
My favorite marriage to choose from 7000 wines.
Suite that you can relax after the supper.
Let's gracefully bless the season's visit
like the Renaissance masterpiece "Primavera".

12:00~13:30 L.O
17:30~19:30 L.O


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Soft sunbeams through the trees, tears of the birds,
sound of the water, winds of the four seasons

Wrapped in soft leaves through the sun, the hideouts in the grove where the sound of water and the chirping of small birds are pleasant. A terrace seat where the refreshing wind of Karuizawa blows through. In the restaurant space facing the pond surrounded by moss like the velvet of the courtyard that reflects the colors of the four seasons, while listening to the songs of the little birds in the spring, while looking at the lights of the fireflies fluttering in the summer night. Relaxingly heal the five senses of human beings, revive spiritual margin, regain honesty and humility. Time that can not be tasted in the city.

Enjoy French cuisine luxuriously
Blessed with seasonal vegetables and the earth

The rare pig "Chiyous Phantom Pig" kept at antibiotic-free without antibiotic at Okamoto pig farm, Okamoto pig farm, Nogano prefecture vegetable herbs pickled at the foot of Mt. Asemasa, Okinawa vegetable herbs at home farms, seafood is Toyama , Sado Inaba Port, Boso Katsuura. In winter, Jibiya dishes such as deer and wild boar to buy from the local hunter are unique in Karuizawa French. You can enjoy the authentic ingredients backed by the reliable cooking skills of Yasuyuki Ozuma Yasuyuki's owner chefs who trained at the legendary famous shops "Daikanyama Renga" and "Ginza Lecan" with their orthodox French filled with taste.

The usual trip changes to a
special day Gourmet Auberge

"To go out to the restaurant of your choice to enjoy the dish using the ingredients of that place on that land, staying in a room attached to the restaurant after eating" A gastronomic French-like facility representative of a gourmet trip It's Auberge. Dining is a casual atmosphere where Esprit was effective like wallpaper and gobelin chosen in Paris among elegant. During the 22nd year since opening in 1996, Auberge de Primavera, which includes local villa tribe, many gourmets including various celebrities, etc. repeat. A place where you can relax and enjoy the finest nature and gastronomy with travel companions and loved ones.

Karuizawa's largest seller
sleeps 7000 selected items

A wine cellar with nearly 7000 wines and just one of your favorite. Mozart's songs will flow in the wine cellar where temperature and humidity are thoroughly controlled. For guests staying on arrival, the meal guests will select one of your sommeliers just before you eat. Please do not hesitate to consult the wine of the year of birth or commemoration. We will be delighted with attention from the 3.000 yen wine.

Hotel in the forest that makes you
feel Esprit of France

Auberge means "restaurant that can be stayed" in French. A luxurious moment where you do not do anything in your room until the lights in the restaurant. Refresh your mind and body with a spacious bathroom. On the balcony where you can enjoy the sound of the water and the nature of the four seasons, aperitif. Please spend a relaxing and elegant holiday in the rich green forest where you can not taste in the city.


* @yuriexx67 とリフレッシュトリップ! 軽井沢に来ました🍦🍇🌿 とってもお天気に恵まれ気候も良くて最高なのだ🤭🍇 ステイ先は、私の同級生が働いている @auberge_de_primavera 🥂💕 先々週連絡を貰って、 "軽井沢行きたいよね"とちょうどゆりえもんと話してたのを思い出して二人で来てみたの☺️🍊 カリフォルニアのお疲れ様会を兼ねて💕 着いてすぐ、シャンパンで乾杯🥂 空気が澄んでいて、本当に気持ち良い🌿 お部屋も空間も全て素敵なのだけど、お食事が… 最高に美味しかった😫🥂💕 どれも絶品だし、見た目も華やか🤤🇫🇷 東京から2.3時間でこんな贅沢な時間を過ごせる場所があるなんて🤭💭 本当に、本当にオススメ!! 私は仕事をたくさん頑張って、旅やこういう体験に たくさん投資したいなぁと思う🥂💞 ビジーも絶対に連れて来てあげたいな❣️ ゆりえもんはもう隣でスヤスヤ🤭🌿 運転ありがとう🚗💕 そして同級生が頑張っている姿を見る事ができて、 とても嬉しい🤭🍇 良い時期に来れて良かった🤤🍦 近いし、気持ち良いし、静かだし💕 軽井沢最高🤭💕 軽井沢に合う!と思って着てきたワンピースは @vicente__official 🍇 可愛いすぎて2色買い!! 📍軽井沢 pc: @yuriexx67 #軽井沢 #primavera #aubergedeprimavera #プリマヴェーラ #howtovacationlikesakiiiya

SAKIEさん(@sakiiiya)がシェアした投稿 -


Yasuyuki Onuma
Primavera Owner.Chef

Karuizawa visited after being trained at a top restaurant in Tokyo. I was touched by a carrots carp in the field at the foot of Mt. Asama. Instantly make a potage with unbelievable taste and aroma. It is really delicious. I'd like you to eat the seasonal ingredients raised by the natural blessings at its best. The face of the customer who seems to be happy surrounding the table appears in the eyes. Please do not hesitate to drop by.

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